Unidentified Medals/Ribbons Awarded to Col. Lawrence R. Anderson (Ret). 

June 12, 1915-July 27, 2006



I am trying to identify the medals/ribbons  my Grandfather was awarded during his army service in the Corp of Engineers and Transportation Corps. I have identified most of them, but some I cannot.  Below are some medals I am trying to identify.

Number  One-  This is a legion of Merit Award, but I am not sure what the blue ribbon signifies.  Any ideas?



Number Two:  I think this is an Army Commendation Medal, but it is tealish and not green so I'm not sure (maybe it bleached or something).


Number Three:  I have no idea.


Number 4:   I just wanted to know what to call this one.  It is from my Grandfather's ROTC at Iowa State (I think in 1939)


Number 5:  I wanted to know what to call this and what the two medals signify.  The words read Korean War Veteran on the right.



Here are ones I am pretty sure I identified correctly, but let me know if I am wrong:

American Defense  Medal:                     National Defense Service Medal:



Republic of Korea War Service Medal:            World War II Victory Medal:




United Nations Service Medal Korea: